The Clean Coding Cosmos is the holistic view onto the “Big Picture” of software development (SE). Our purpose is to achieve a SE that is clean, i.e. efficient, in all aspects.

Software is the matter in the developer cosmos. This matter can be mapped onto the four dimensions Process, Knowledge, Handcraft and Motivation. In this way, we are able to structure the complex world of SE reasonably.

Describing the Clean Coding Cosmos we aim three main goals:

1. Providing help, so that all actors involved in the SE process (any protagonist that contribute in any form to software, e.g. domain expert, requirements analyst, developer, tester, operator…) find ways to good communication and collaboration.

2. Showing means by which developers can increase their efficiency in the every day work.

3. Reducing the costs , increasing the quality and managing the complexity of the SE.

Please note, that this site is currently under construction. If you are interested in special information provided in English, let us know by leaving a comment (see below). We will shift our priorities correspondingly.

The elaboration of the Clean Coding Cosmos is kindly supported by the IKS GmbH.

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