A picture is worth a thousand words. Using metaphors, communication becomes more efficient. That’s why we like to use metaphors in the Clean Coding Cosmos. The most important ones are explained here in more detail.


Cosmologists consider the biggest possible picture of our world: the universe. This holistic approach we like to follow as well. Which factors do play a role within the world of software development, how do they interact and how can we apply them to our benefit???
Of course, a galaxy is only a tiny part of our physical world, but the biggest one to which the most of us do have an imaginable relationship. In addition, it looks pretty beautiful. That’s why we have chosen this image to represent the cosmos.


The cow as ruminant with a really big stomach consisting of four compartment is a symbol for continuous intensive digestion. Because that is needed also in IT, we have chosen the cow as our mascot. Each progress – both in product and process – has to be reflected repeatedly whether the previous changes have been really beneficial. Possibly, some improvement is important to be done. Possibly, some dirt has been introduced into the system. Possily, the progress turns out to be a regress. Possibly, an excretion of pollutants must take place. Thus, a continuous improvement cyle (plan-act-improve or plan-do-check-act) is necessary. That’s what we mean by digestion.


Cleanness is an attribute that virtually all of us perceive as something good. Nobody appreciates dirt (even the lazy ones who do not want to avoid it actively). But so what? Imagine, you would not clean up after cooking. Next time you start cooking you would be slowed down because you have to search for tools or you have to remove caked leftovers or something else. The mess would increase the less cleaning up is done. The same is true virually everyvery: cleanness means efficiency, dirt means hindrance. Cosmologically speaking, dirt bends space and makes us go a long way around.


Do we live in a self-determined way or are we directed by others? A good answer is: Both! A liberal democratic state lets us obey to a number of rules, but simultaneouly garantees us a certain degree for individual fulfillment. The same is true for IT projects. There must be a project frame to which all players have to obey, but that still allows some degree of freedom for creativity and personel responsibility. Therefore, the state metaphor is very useful to illustrate the Team Clean Coding (TCC). Unfortunately, we associate a state also with annoying bureaucracy. However, the instructions recommended by TCC are supposed to be lightweight and integrate in the working life in a natural manner.


At a round table all persons sit in an equal position. Therefore it represents a symbol for equality of persons concerning rights and duties. That’s why we have chosen it as template for the TCC logo.

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