Dr. Reik Oberrath

Reik Oberrath

Reik Oberrath is biologist with doctorate degree. However, since 2000 he works full time as software developer and since 2008 for the IKS GmbH als IT consultant. His main points of interests and occupation within IT are

– automation of processes,
– efficient testing strategies,
– highly maintainable source code,
– modular designs and
– open personal communication channels.

All of these aspects made him elaborating the Clean Coding Cosmos in close collaboration with Jörg Vollmer.

Reik Oberrath is initiator und developer of the MOGLi Code Creators. It represents a lightweight tool for an easy startup into code generation and an simply integration in the every day work of developers. It’s hosted and freely available at Github.

He is author of several German publications:

Kosmologie für Softwareentwickler

Kosmologische Suche nach Softwareentwicklungsschmutz

Kosmische Effizienz durch Team Clean Coding

Vom Urknall zum Blick in die Zukunft

Das fachlich offene Dependency-Management

Dependency-Management von technischen Standardkomponenten

Automatisierte SWtbot-tests

Reik Oberrath repeatedly gives talks on his main points of interests. From this work emerged the following presentations:

Softwarequalität in Entwicklung, Wartung und Test

Clean Code – Von der Lehre in den Alltag

Team Clean Coding – Mehr Softwarequalität

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